Workshops & Seminars

Workshops & Seminars

At Mespil Academy we offer our customers a wide variety of workshops and seminars to choose from to suit their individual needs. Various In-House training options are available for the ease of client. One-to-One training, team training or group training options are available with Mespil Academy

  • Consultative Selling

    Our interactive Consultative Selling workshop teaches the importance of how asking questions and listening to your customer can help you better identify your customers issues and needs. It allows you to gain a better insight into your customer and how they make decisions, better enabling you to present tailored recommendations for your client and to resolve any potential objections. This consultative selling approach benefits both the customer and the salesperson, and delivers mutual long term benefits to both parties.

    For more information on our Consultative Selling workshop or to book a seminar click here.

  • Business Strategy For Growth

    Our Business Strategy for Growth seminars help attendees to refocus, refresh and reinvigorate their strategic thinking and give them the knowledge and tools that they need to develop and achieve the right goals for their company.

    For more information on our Business Strategy For Growth workshop or to book a seminar click here.

  • Finance For Non-Finance Managers

    Our finance for non-managers workshop is designed to give managers and executives from a non-financial background a better understanding of the basic principles of business finance. The aim of this workshop is for them to gain more confidence and an increased ability when it comes to addressing matters of a financial nature. Participants will learn how to understand financial statements, analyse company accounts and how to better understand the role of financial strategies within their company.

    For more information on our Finance for Non-Finance Managers workshop or to book a seminar click here.

  • Business Development Program

    Our Business Development workshop teaches the necessary skills required for growing and developing a business across any industry. This course is designed not only for entrepreneurs, but also for those who wish to understand how to spot market opportunities and become a more effective business leader. We also teach the tools to help business leaders analyse their challenges or potential threats, and how to develop intricate business growth strategies to overcome these challenges.

    For more information on our Business Development Program or to book a seminar click here.

  • Customer Service Excellence

    Our Customer Service Excellence workshop offers the tools and techniques required to provide excellent customer support. It is designed for staff of all levels who are looking to improve on their customer service skills, in order to contribute positively to the image of the company and brand whom they represent. The interactive and practical workshop goes into the fundamentals of customer service and the skills required to communicate effectively with your customers. Our expert trainers will also teach the best methods of handling complaints, addressing customer issues and overcoming stress created in the workplace to ensure the highest quality of customer service possible.

    For more information on our Customer Service Excellence workshop or to book a seminar click here.

  • Goal Setting

    Our Goal Setting workshop is designed to help staff of all levels learn the tools for setting and achieving worthwhile goals. We teach the step by step process of goal setting – how to set, define and plan achievable goals, the importance of communicating these goals with others, and strategies to follow in order to achieve these goals and analyse your progress along the way.

    For more information on our Goal Setting workshop or to book a seminar click here.