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  • What is Social Selling (Sales 2.0)?

    Of course, selling has always been social but technology has led to new behaviours on the part of buyers and sellers. Social selling is how sales people can make technology their friend in building stronger relationships with buyers.

  • Your key learning outcomes

    • Understand social customer behaviours and new influences on buying decisions
    • Understand the impacts of social media on B2B and C-level buyers
    • Using social media to find opportunities, sales leads and connect with buyers
    • Building trust through developing your personal brand and thought leadership
    • Building customer acquisition through relationship driven volume
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The topics you’ll cover:

Sales 2.0

The key differences between Sales 1.0 and Sales 2.0


Understanding the impacts of social media on the buying decisions of your customers.


How to listen to your market, prospects and customers to identify sales opportunities.


Using social to research and understand your customers buying motivators, making a great first impression and helping prospects to buy.


How social media, networks and communities can be used to build a high efficiency and high touch sales strategy.


Which automation and listening tools can be utilised to provide 24/7 monitoring and identify sales leads in real time.


Developing personal brand and thought leadership while creating the content where the buyer educates themselves.


Monitoring of your competitor’s customers, finding real-time sales opportunities and reacting appropriately.


The relationship between social analytics and sales KPIs, impacts on pipeline shape and velocity and forecasting predictability.

Case Studies

Which companies are excelling when it comes to social selling.

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