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  • What is Social Recruiting?

    Social Recruiting can be defined as recruiting candidates though social media. Social recruitment involves using social media sites to build a “talent bank” of candidates and often requires the use of Social Recruitment Ads. The key to effective social recruiting is building key relationships with top industry talent.

  • Your key learning outcomes

    • Understand social recruitment and how best to find and approach candidates online.
    • Develop a Social Recruiting strategy.
    • How to search the web to find top talent. How to create an automated talent funnel.
    • How to develop and increase advocacy and candidate referrals.
    • Run targeted ad campaigns to find talent.
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The topics you’ll cover:


Tactics to network and engage with passive candidates. Crafting messages that get a positive response.


How to write valuable content that generates candidate leads. How to raise your company profile and attract top tier talent through great content.


How to find candidates online. Learn advanced searching techniques using Google and Boolean logic. Creative searching to unlock hidden or hard to find profiles.


How to use LinkedIn to find, engage with and recruit top talent. Areas include: Paid accounts, advanced searching, Groups and career pages.


Learn how other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Viadeo, Xing can be used to find talent.


Which recruitment tools can you use to conduct complex recruiting searches.


How to create targeted ads for your recruitment campaigns.


How to use video to screen and interview prospects. Live streaming events to showcase your company and attract talent.


How to measure and track your social recruiting efforts.

Case Studies

Which companies are excelling when it comes to social recruitment.

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