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  • What is Social Media Strategy?

    Utilising social media and understanding its impact on customers, employees and the bottom line are not always linked. Quantifying an ROI from social media is only possible after you’ve developed a strategic plan that will make measurement both clear and easy.

  • Your key learning outcomes

    • Learn the ten steps in developing a social media strategy that will generate meaningful and real returns for your business.
    • Research and listen using a combination of social and traditional tools to gain the insights to inform effective social engagement strategies.
    • Identify the opportunities and goals to align social media with the business, activities, departments and teams.
    • Build a strategy based on business KPIs to become resilient to tactical and platform changes.
    • Create a social media plan that will ensure you don’t waste time and money on tactics that might work and one that will make measurement clear and easy.
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The topics you’ll cover


How to use both social and traditional tools to develop the intelligence and insight to inform your engagement strategies.


A sensible social media strategy is one where the social media goals align with the business objectives.


Looking beyond just sales and marketing, social can be used for a range of business activities including customer service, research and product development and recruitment.


A business shouldn’t take on social media for all functions/departments, at least initially – deciding on which social media goals to target.


Become resilient to tactical and platform changes by building a strategy based on business KPIs such as customer, conversions and satisfaction levels.


How to investigate the suitability of each social media channel to serve the specific goal.


Determining those social tactics that will best serve your goals.


Creating both the content and content strategy that will best serve your goals, KPIs, channels and tactics.


How to measure the ROI of your social media strategy, discovering additional insights and growing your social media strategy.

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