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  • What is Social Customer Service?

    Social Customer Service can be defined as Social Media meets Customer Care. While many organisations provide no or very poor (social) customer service via their social media channels, others are responding very effectively to this increasing customer demand.

  • Your key learning outcomes

    • Understand social customer behaviours and expectations
    • Develop an internal social customer service strategy
    • Effectively manage social customer interactions and relationship outcomes
    • Build customer care efficiency while increasing customer satisfaction levels
    • Build customer loyalty and create opportunities for customer advocacy
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The topics you’ll cover:


Understanding the social customer’s expectations, the positive/negative consequences of peer to peer and online influence.


Listening for and monitoring mentions and conversations around your brand and products.


How social media platforms can be used as effective customer service channels including building a cross channel strategy.


Which automation tools can be utilised to provide 24/7 customer service and streamline the online customer service process.


Developing customer guidelines and digital self-service information and content.


How to define and incorporate response targets and developing a social customer service handbook for social customer service agents.


Monitoring of your competitor’s customers and finding real-time sales opportunities.

Crisis management

Key insights into social care conduct including how to deal with disgruntled customers and the management of brand reputation through crisis.


Identifying trends in sentiment around particular components of a product or service.

Case Studies

Which companies are excelling when it comes to social customer care.

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