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  • What is Content Marketing?

    Traditional marketing has become increasingly less effective in reaching customers. Content attracts, educates, entertains and engages. To drive profitable action(s) marketers have turned to the creation and distribution of valuable content, online.

  • Your key learning outcomes

    • Develop a content marketing strategy and create content that will attract, engage and convert customers.
    • Research your target audience, create buyer personas and come up with great ideas for your content.
    • Create attractive titles, carry out keyword research and on-page SEO, manage content length and formatting, and make the most of images.
    • Learn how to effectively and efficiently plan, manage and promote your content by using a content calendar.
    • Build an online sales funnel by matching your content with each stage in your customer’s buying process.
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The topics you’ll cover:

Research/buyer personas

Researching your target audience and creating buyers personas.

Keyword research/SEO

Effective keyword research and on-page search engine optimisation.

Content titles, length, formatting and Images

Creating great titles, managing content length and formatting, and using images to ensure optimal: SEO, reader engagement and social media sharing.

Content types

Understanding different content types, their suitability and costs, including blogs, newsletter, video, webinars, podcasts, infographics, user-generated content and social media updates.

Brainstorming ideas

Coming up with ideas with your content.

Sales funnel

Building and growing an online sales funnel through using content, calls to action (CTA) and A/B testing.

Content calendar

Using a content calendar to plan your content in advance.

Promotion/social proofing

How and where to promote your content, building online communities using content and growing your social proof.


Content marketing analytics, conversions and measuring ROI.

Case Studies

Which companies are excelling when it comes to content marketing.

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