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  • What is Digital Video Communications?

    Digital Video Communications can be defined as using video to communicate your message to your target audience on the platform or platforms that they are present on.

  • Your key learning outcomes

    • Understand how to craft a great video with a great call to action.
    • Develop a YouTube channel that offers real value.
    • Effectively manage and create video content through mobile devices.
    • Build client/customer loyalty through live streams and webinars.
    • Generate new sales and business opportunities through interactive video.
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The topics you’ll cover:

Editing and Production

How to create and edit great video. Tools and tips for video production.

YouTube and Vimeo

How build a successful YouTube channel. Editing videos on YouTube. Adding call to actions to your video. Utilising YouTube Cards. Vimeo vs. YouTube which one is best for your business?

Other Video platforms

Creating video for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

Conference calls

How conference calls can generate more business opportunities and reduce cost.


How to use screencasting in your video marketing. How Camtasia can be used for live demos, technical support and even bring your presentations to life.


How to set up and run a webinar. How to use webinars to generate business leads. How Citrix’s GoToWebinar can deliver business ROI.

Live Streaming

How to broadcast your event on line and generate viewers. What makes a great live stream event? A look at the main livestream platforms including Hangouts OnAir, LiveStream, Meerkat and Periscope.

Video is mobile

Essential Video Apps and Tools for marketers.


How to measure the success of your video marketing. Setting KPIs for your video marketing and utilising existing analytics.

Case Studies

Which companies are excelling when it comes to Digital Video and Live Streaming.

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